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A place to learn, make friends and grow in confidence

Under the direction of Shayne Allen, Dance Junction has a reputation of quality training in the performing arts.

We take pride in the way we train and educate students of all levels in all aspects and styles of dance.

Our focus on discipline and respect of the art form will not only train a sound technical dancer but will also move our youth in a direction of upholding values and professionalism as they mature and progress into the greater community and working world.

We provide structured, nurturing programs in all styles of dance with dedicated, qualified, and experienced teachers. Boasting limited class sizes, students’ progress with individual attention in the classroom, diverse performance opportunities and examinations in RAD Ballet and Glenn Wood Tap.

Dance Junction cultivates talent and produces exceptional dancers with success stemming from hard work, dedication, commitment, and passion.

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Unleash the Rhythm Within!

Dance into a world of joy, rhythm, and self-expression with our FREE Dance Class Trial for All Age Groups!

Whether you're a budding dancer or someone looking to rediscover the magic of movement, our diverse range of dance classes welcomes participants of all ages and skill levels.

Why Choose Us?

  • Inclusive Classes: From tiny tots to golden seniors, everyone is invited to dance!

  • Professional Instructors: Learn from seasoned professionals who make every step a breeze.

  • Variety of Styles: Explore a spectrum of dance styles - from hip-hop to classical, we've got it all!

  • No Cost Trial: Dip your toes in the dance floor with our FREE trial class.


We cater for many age groups, from beginner to professional performers.

Dance Junction believes in your child as much as you do. We want them to reach their full potential in a fun, safe and nurturing environment. Please use the following age groups as a guide, once students are assessed they may be moved up or down accordingly.

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2 – 3 years

This class is a favorite among many of our students who love a challenge and the chance to try something new. Enjoy the opportunity to train with our leading instructors and leave feeling excited, joyful, and full of inspiration.

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3 – 6 years

We know that learning the basics correctly from the very start is vital to the growth and development of your child. Our 30 min classes in each genre (jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop) allow the appropriate time it takes to teach your little one correctly.



7 – 12 years
(Non competitive)

The Starlets level is for students aged 7 - 12 years who wish to build more confidence and coordination in dance. Classes are designed for students who are in Grade 1 - Grade 6 at school.



6 – 11 years

The Class 2 level is designed for students that have an existing strong knowledge of dance and those who display confidence and coordination in dance. The Class 2 classes are designed for students who are in Grade 1 – Grade 6 at school. Classes for this age group:



12 years and over


The Class 1 level is designed for students that are both new to dance and to those highly confident and coordinated in dance. These classes are also great for preparing students who are interested in future work within the entertainment industry. Classes for this age group:

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Dance Junction offers technique intensives, workshops and master classes with the best teachers in the industry such as Marko Panzic, Blake Wood and Shivawn Joubert etc.
The studio also runs illuminati Open Classes that ensures students learn from industry professionals.
Dance Junction also hosts various holiday programs, please check our Instagram and Facebook page for updates to these events.

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