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3 – 6 years

We know that learning the basics correctly from the very start is vital to the growth and development of your child. Our 30 min classes in each genre (jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop) allow the appropriate time it takes to teach your little one correctly.

We realise not every child learns exactly the same. Our program allows flexibility in the way we teach, we can engage with quiet and shy to very outgoing children. After 4 terms of tuition your child will be able to demonstrate (without the aid of their teacher) what they have learnt all year.​

Petite Performers: Classes
  • Timetable Colour: Pink

  • Class Info: 30min classes in Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and Ballet.

  • Recommended Classes: Students are recommended to also enrol in Primary Ballet class, and Grade 2 GWT Tap Classes. Petite Performers are also encouraged to enrol in Petite Performers Acrobatics.

  • Discount Packages Available: Yes

Petite Performers: Text
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