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12 years and over


The Class 1 level is designed for students that are both new to dance and to those highly confident and coordinated in dance. These classes are also great for preparing students who are interested in future work within the entertainment industry. Classes for this age group:

  • Jazz *

  • Jazz Technique *

  • Hip Hop *

  • Open Tap

  • Graded Tap*

  • Exam Extension Open Ballet Class +

  • Graded Ballet 45 – 60min classes only +

  • Contemporary

  • Lyrical *

  • Musical Theatre *

  • Acrobatics *

  • Singing *

Class 1: Service
  • Timetable Colour: Orange

  • Recommended Classes: Students are encouraged to enrol in all classes (including grade ballet and tap) to ensure they receive a complete dance education.

  • Discount Packages Available: The Class 1 Package includes all the above at a hugely discounted price. Alternatively, our Special Deals Package allows students to pick 3 – 5 classes marked with an * at a discounted price.

Class 1: Text
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